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Liberate your vision

It's time to free your creative vision. This is your official invitation to begin your journey.


You’ve had idea after idea and today is the day to begin to unfold with professional support and resources to grow.


No more waiting for the right time. You've made it here and the time is now to liberate your creative vision!

Access our creative resources & courses.  

the creators


Suzi Analogue

Suzi Analogue is a prolific Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Member Of The Recording Academy /Grammys & Creator Of Never Normal Records based in Miami, FL. She is energetically pioneering the new wave of women producers in electronic music & beyond.

Gaining worldwide recognition for her own diverse electronic productions, her music has  found homes on Billboard charts, New York Fashion Week runways, Networks like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Boiler Room and worldwide radio including BBC.

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Mia Musa

Mia is an independent consultant, curator, writer and educator based in Baltimore, MD. In 2015 she founded Invisible Majority​, a business & creative services agency that provides space & services to creative entrepreneurs, community organizations and cultural institutions. As an advocate her goal is to help marginalized creatives recognize their power and access the resources necessary to sustain themselves and build community.

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Step your ideas out of the dark and into the light for more to see.



It's time to get loud for yourself and create more space for the creative visions you've been dreaming of.


Let's start to connect the dots in your vision. Time to get out of brainstorming alone and build the vision.


You are not alone. Join a global network of creative communities and share your ideas.

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